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It makes me very happy to see you here!

CoconutCut is here to help you overcome any cutting comments about your weight / health issue that others don't understand. Or just because you don't fit in where you are at this time of your life.


This is a safe happy place to share your experience and know you're not alone, Please pop me an email << I do care about what you have to say

Healthy eating is a great tool when it comes to caring for brain & body health, enjoying the great benefits of coconut to help heal you inside and out

I use coconut milk, oil & water it's help me. I do hope it helps you too 


Sonya Lee Davies 28 Day Belly Blast

Are You Ready?

Find out if your ready to start the Belly Blast Healthy Eating Plan


My weekly fatloss Club cost just £2.50 here is the link to get you

>>   started 

Watch my YouTube video to find out more about 

Enjoy Eating Great Food To Get Great Health & Wellness




    Fine Dining 


Award Winning Restaurants


Home Cooking using Fair Trade along with Organic Food & Drink

28 Days of Working Out Time To Change  


However you choose to grow in confidence by improving your diet, being more active or just knowing you have someone to share your experience with this has been a great help for me.  

When you're ready just sign up  << To start sharing your success, if you've just started eating veg for the first time in your life or you are now your own boss, I'm looking forward to hearing from


Supporting Parkinson's UK

Here you can watch the video for some top exercise tips. If you or someone you know is experience more complex Parkinson's symptoms, focusing on everyday activities and movements you have difficulty with can be extremely beneficial. Please visit my tea shop little acts of kindness mean a lot! This is my way of supporting Parkinson's UK, I do hope you can too.



A home workout in your very own living room is a simple way 

to include sport and fitness in your daily routine

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